Month 1Mature

This is my attempt at healing....

Month One)     I stumbled upon you by chance, falling in deep pools of greens and blues, Promises slipping out of slick lips and slithering their way into my vulnerable heart. Swinging this mangled heart, so carelessly from my sleeves, Not realizing That the seems have been ripping, and tearing, on the verge of being destroyed, soon I would have to hold my heart by hand, begging on the side of a single rail road track hoping for someone to just look at the dim beating rugged edged heart that used to be so vibrant, looking closer to my heart I see all the different types of smudged finger prints... so many finger prints... but I will get there later.  Consumed by the indefinite rules and conditions to keep him near to me. Not know that for the next few moments of my life I will be taken on a horrific side show roller coaster ride. some may now as Bi Polar... but now... now I just enjoy.  Enjoy the beating of your heart after we make .. what was then.. passionate love under a moonlit sky.  You tell me to look at you, wanting us to connect in the most deepest of ways as we allow our bodies to connect from head to toe, Allowing our bodies to push electricity so strong we can power sattellites and sky scrapers, rockets, and maybe even stars, because I swear... that when our tounges pushed and pulled in a perfect romance infused tango we could have created super novas the passion was so... Addicting, I needed you, I needed IT.... the moments that I felt so wanted, being a gold medal to an olympian, I was your found planet.. Your discovered galaxy. So new... took in every piece of me at one time. explored my curves and tasted my valleys.. drank from my ever flowing rivers and quenched your needs... but then I grew thirsty. And as you lay satisfied I lay dry mouthed and chapped, Weak. I gave you all I had to offer. And when it came time for you to give back... and when it came time for you  to give back... I SAID WHEN IT CAME TIME FOR YOU TO GIVE BACK... you ran. Like a scared little boy, Real love was like the boogey man to you. You coward.

The End

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