5 cm/s.

Inspired by a collection of aching beautiful anime shorts, titled "Five Centimeters Per Second"

Through the petaled eye of a cherry tree,

lie two teenage dreams,

whispering fantasies in each other's ears.

Time bomb ticked past expirey date

for their young romance's fate.

They are free falling,

like the blossoms of a cherry tree;

five centimeters per second.


Through the gauzy curtains of a gypsied room,

under cherry lights, love blooms.

Fear and nerves drowned beneath

showers of kisses, waterfalls of touch.

His dark hair falls from his face,

curtaining her pale skin,

as their bodies collapse and collide.

They are free falling, 

beyond the starlit bliss;

five centimeters per second.


Through blurry gaze she counts the moments it takes

as he walks away, lips perfumed by her scent,

longing and craving, he went

and she remained.

Beneath the barren cherry tree,

in icy times, there is no more pink and white

feather like silk parachutes twirling down

upon snow covered ground.

Yet, as he goes, they both know.

They are free falling,

five centimeters per second,

in love,

through the summer and the rain,

the winter and the pain;

their blossoms never fades.

The End

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