bittersweet detonation of self-destructive habitsMature

I got caught up in her eyes.

it was then I should have known,

I could give her my whole world,

I would still watch her go.

eyes ice cold, she had a heart to match it.

knew she had me trippin', still she left me crashin'.

but that’s the price of fallin', you gotta fall backwards

and hope that the one behind you will catch ya.

but I fell for the script, tell me girl are you an actress?

rehearsing lines in the mirror just for practice?

then bravo!

you deserve a golden globe!

how was I supposed to know that you were aiming for my throat

with those lips

but gripped a blade at my back?

a flick of the wrist and my spinal is split.

I could have been your super man,

fly you through the skies.

said you were my heroine,

it was a lie.

I turned around and then she hit me with that Kryptonite.

I lost my girl

to a kid more strung out than a kite!

told her "baby don’t do it, baby just stay smart.

you're with the wrong crowd,

dope fiends with fucking trace marks!"

she said “I can handle myself.

keep your hands to yourself.

it’s my life and I ain't no one else.”

funny how the tables turn with the hands that you’re dealt.

one minute you're the king

with a queen in the deck

and the next, you're nothing but a jester

wasting all your effort

thinking you impressed her.

but a fool’s just amusing to a queen.

it’s you that she’s using.

you refuse to see.

The End

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