for my generation of iZombies and greedy grubbersMature

when everything is said and done,

what we'll regret

are the things never done.

a bucket list left unchecked,

every word on our lips unsaid

and every dream that we undoubtedly believed

was way, way, way over our head.

life’s a trip,

let's take the scenic route.

forget doubts,

reach for what you dream about.

live for the moment,

all we have is now.

in stead worrying about green to count.


it isn’t even funny.

I look around and all I see are slaves to the money.

9 to 5 shifts,

just so I can buy this

ipod, ipad,

it’s all a fucking virus.

focused on tweets and mentions,

while life’s passing by and

we don’t even pay attention.

staring at our phones like portals to the next dimension.

always looking down,

how can you find direction?

The End

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