A poem that allowed me 2 release some of my feelings and help me move on

I couldn't have got through losing her without you
But then I had to lose you too.
And now the days seem so wrong,
I have to act like I feel strong.
The Endless nights are so long
When I sleep, I dream of you
And when I wake up and remember
The Pain envades my heart like the cold envades December.
I don't hate you, I miss my best friend
Just one message I wish you'd send
But I know you wont, so i'm waiting for my heart to mend.
One piece will always be missing.
I guess it'll be in the wall of protection
That wont be knocked down again by affection.
The memories of you, of us, are everywhere
I wonder if they affect you, I wonder if you care...
To lose her and to lose you, it doesn't seem fair
Yet I'm grateful

The End

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