3 - High

As of lately I have noticed
the colour of my aura is fading;
I’ve spent four years plucking
black feathers from my back.

I sway and I mosh in the sea
and I toss and I turn in my sleep
and I yearn for my turn to go
next and impress the best of
the best and express my
intentions to beat all the rest,
in my life I won’t stop
once I’ve learnt to drop bombs,
metaphorically speaking
I’m speaking in tongues
to gods that won’t budge
for anyone else but themselves
and their faith might be lost
as I sway and I mosh
and I toss and turn in my sleep.

With this in mind, I continue to
drape red velvet over her shoulders.
She calls me danger and I find her
seductive, I never know what to say.

She is my opiate, now she begins
to settle into my deepest veins,
sedating me into slumber, I’ve
lost the number on the dial.

As of lately I have noticed
your smile is worn in somersaults,
dazed and astounded upon
landing upside down.

I’ve learnt to love with
a ring on your finger,
yes, I’ll linger much longer
as I learn to sing your song.

As of lately I have noticed
no words have left your lips,
could it be that he sealed them
with the soft touch of his fist?

Yes, I sway and I mosh in the sea,
metaphorically speaking
it’s where I’ve always
wanted to be as you linger,
so long, to the songs of the sea
you may kiss the ocean,
where you may hope to find me.

The End

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