As Before.Mature

Remember that time long ago

When you bloomed with such

Innocence with naught a woe


But then you grew, your crutch

Of childhood fading fast and

You learned that a simple touch


Can make you feel so grand

You desired more and more

Until you got more than you planned


And then you’re in love, explore

Your heart and learn of your being

You feel so full, and you feel for


Them until they begin seeing

That it is not meant to be and break

Your heart, such feelings begin fleeing


From you and in the wake

A broken form of what you

Were remains, a brand new make


Of your being is what grew

From the ashes of your innocence

So you best be saying adieu


To that first fleeting goodness

Feeling because you will never

Feel just as limitless


As before.

The End

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