In Response to "One Art"Mature

The art of losing is very hard to master

So Ms. Bishop, I am thoroughly confused

Where you hear or think of such things


I mean I should know, I have lost plenty:

Friends, family, loves I thought would last

Forever. But I lost them, an art I have mastered


But not in the way you say, Bishop

I may have lost too much but never was it

By choice, why you think of it as such is unclear


I have lost petty things I am sure

Homely things, easily replaceable things

That is the losing I have managed to master

But the lose of people, of feeling, of desire

Is something I fret over every waking moment

And think of nothing but such things


So excuse me Ms. Bishop, I believe you need

A change within your poem, because of all things

Love especially is something I can never master losing

No matter what you may say, hear, or think of the matter

The End

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