To BradMature

How I wish we could be friends

Yet you believe there’s still amends

To be made between us. You believe

We can be fixed. Are you so naïve

To think we again can thrive

And only with me can you survive

But you do not seem to understand

How our love began to become bland

For conversation is what I desired

And of the compliments, I grew tired

I know you thought I was beautiful

But honestly, that all became the usual

And your trust, oh how it had waned

To the point where I was honestly ashamed

You simply could not see that we were dead

Something replaced what we had in its stead

Something rotten, weak, and withered

So, my love, with all things considered

I apologize for what I could not repair

How I tried to explain and make you aware

Yet I realized that we had finally reached our end

I hope you realized too, and ceased to try and mend

What was corrupted and will remain, my friend

The End

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