Constant glances between us trying to keep the other seeing

The glances we are giving. Shy about our feelings and unsure

How to express with what this is. Confusion fills my heart and

I'm left in a constant daze where I no longer know fact from

The fiction. What is real and what happened and what is true?

I wish I knew because few, really no one, knows what to say

And how to explain all this. Your secrets drive me up the wall,

Seeming so unnecessary to me yet are what you live by, all

Your secrets filling your eyes and creating a depth I wish I

could swim in but you refuse me entry into your pools, fear

Of what I may do once I dive in. But I can assure you dear

Once you allow me to dive into your secrets and your life

I will surely never hurt you like the ones that did before

That left you terrified of anyone else being in as deep as

You allowed them in the past. Please. Tear down your stone

Walls and fill your moats and allow me to travel into your

Castle and learn what there is to learn and I promise you

I will allow you to travel inside my castle and dive into my

Glittering pools and learn what there is to learn of me.

The End

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