The first in my collection of One poem a day. Enjoy.

Fighting with the person you want

And the person you want to be

And feeling far too much

But not feeling enough

Or hardly anything

At all


Feeling far too much for one

Makes you weak and spongy

Frustration you cannot release

Without the touch of another

A specific other

That one


When can fucking be mindless

Touch between one another be

Merely to release the tension

Your body has been increasing

All the frustration



Beneath your flesh such desire

To feel something. Hot showers

To burn your skin until you feel

Finally a spark

Of life


But barely, only for a moment

Feeling nothing and everything

Will return and all will remain

Inside you is white noise

Fuzzy static blaze

No flame


Your desire is dead and much

Too alive to thrive much longer

Without sustenance, heated touch

You cannot have, not allowed to feel

Their touch on

Your skin


Too much for one, not enough

For the other. Make others feel

This same sort of middle ground

The least desired middle ground

Feeling everything yet


The End

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