Poem-a-day collection, 365 poems for 365 days in the year.

Welcome to 365º, my new poetry collection for 2011. 

Alongside four solo stories that I will be working on throughout the year, I will be working towards a new collection of poetry to follow up from my upcoming book "Letters Of Neon" (Feb 2011). This is where this story thread comes in.

Each day I will post a new poem, I will endeavour  to write (at the very least) one poem a day for the entirety of 2011.

There are no intended themes to this collection, there will be no thought out narrative or conclusion. I'm just going to see where this takes me and I hope you're willing to come along for the ride.

I only ask one favour - if you do rate my works, please, please leave a comment, I value your thoughts and criticism so much more than just a number. 

Thank you so much for reading, much love and prosperity in this brand new year.

P.S. Macklin

The End

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