Nothing new, just more haiku...

To start off this glorious new addition to "30 days of...", I've decided to start with a quote from a poet with a kickass name...

        "Very few people at any one time ever write poetry that is any good.  But surely all of them will read it and teach it with greater sympathy and understanding for having tried to write some."

                               ~W. D. Snodgrass

Now we try along the path of understanding...

Day 6:

Day to day

Silence speaks clearer

Of forgotten truths.


Day 7:

Creamy and sweet,

Bold and explosive.  I stand

In awe and wonder.


Day 8:

Die!  Stupid song, die!


Children, need not know.


Day 9:

Pal from a past age--

You reappear.  And for what?

You are still a slut.


Day 10:

December cold calls

Yuletide snow.  Awaiting the

Frost of winters' night.



The End

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