3 Years Of Words

Can't come home tonight

I've got some things to do

This that and some more

I need some guy time too

Baby please stop

Don't worry I'll be good

I'll be better soon

Just like I said I would

You're on my mind sweetheart

All I think about is you

No other girl can take your place

But tonight this girl will do

When I'm going out today

I'll dip smoke and drink

But don't tell me I'm the stupid one

You need to stop and think

You'll never understand

Why I struggle with these things

So I'll make you feel bad

With the words that I sing

And I know I got you pregnant

And I was never there

But don't my words mean anything

I told you that I care

So keep believing in me

And waiting for my return

Remember baby girl

Girls like you will never learn

The End

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