3, 7

Words that came spilling out.


Profound emptiness

I must be hollow inside.

The moments when I become


Are the ones in which

          I drown

Desperately murmuring

to God

the preventer of our happiness

Surely, I'm not alone?

Oh, yet I am.

Departed from your constant presence;

To this.

To this, severity of-

loneliness, I guess.

Though a breaking, somewhere, seems more- what this is.

My body fails to

act, normally as it should.

My mind is numb,

or preoccupied.

Conversations consist of

nothing, for I only think of you.

My pulse quickens,

at the possibility (he told you it was the last time ever, why do you hope?)

of a mention from you.

But, no. Alone, remember?

The future evaporated,

I'm left with


But they're not strong enough.

I require

your constant presence.

The pitiful thing is,

The only one

who could




me, right now

is you.

And you've disappeared.

And left me,

to drown.

(yet are you drowning too?)

The End

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