2B OR NOT 2B-seriously.

This speaks for itself. It's not intended to offend....lol.

To  be or not  to  be.  It's  in the hardness of a  pencil.

              Whether tis nobler  in mind,to suffer a broken point.

                      or use,biro with   stencil.

Or to take alm,s    against a sea of  troubles,and grind shavings  to the

                       to the floor,and by sharpening to much,

                                    a  pencil it be no more.

To die, to sleep, perchance to dream,oh  faber  castell,

                                          by  sleep we end.

For in that sleep,that  graphite  keeps,trapped in a tree  once again.


                                                                           Apologies  Bill  Shakespeare.

The End

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