27 Melodies of ....

Make of it what you wish, some may like some may not .... I do not mind being marmite lol

Melodies of .... Crying

A whimper only the mice could hear, seldom did I shed a tear

a scream I often lost myself, shaking; textbook "mental health"

a screech I'd want to rake out fast, bury with the lies gone past

a laugh I used like a character, stoic, the real actor

a sob to hold back the curds and woe, a language I knew such a short time ago

a stutter they cheered to the finish line; second place, every time

a roar that stopped an earthquake dead, forgive the heart, forget the head

a mumble you sing as you duet with pain, a chorus echo, again and again ....

The melodies, parallel; finite

crying for answers, in sound, in sight

The End

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