27 Angels

I wrote this about the Sandy Hook shooting. Rest in peace, angels.

27 Angels
Wake up and get ready for school,
It's time to learn something new.
Get on the bus, then walk to your class,
What the clock, watch the time pass.
Nine thirty, something sounds strange,
I hear the screams, they sound deranged.
We got on the floor, and layed very still,
We breathed heavily, seeing the blood spilled.
Our teacher was gone.
And we were alone.
I was scared.
I just wanted to go home.
But the man said no,
He said to be quiet, and we tried.
But then the scary man, told us we'd die.
I wanted my mommy,
I needed a hug.
Then a great light,
Shined from above.
I reached up, with a numbness in my hand,
Walked up to heaven, and saw the big man.
He told me to smile, and that things would be okay,
He told me he'd comfort me, day after day.
So now, I look down as I'm flying away.
But I'm happy, I'm free, these things were meant to be.
Now I'm a little guardian angel,
I promise to protect you from danger.
I'm always in your heart,
Just smile, and believe in me,
And we'll never be apart.
Rest in peace, victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The End

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