Gravestone faces, offerings of teeth and bones and gold to

Monsters you worshipped, at least within your own mind,

Flee from sanity, take refuge within these white walls, cleansed of

Your half-sane sufferings, the dark through the slit in the

Closet door; fall into hell with the reaper, dying is just another way to

Up the dosage.


Deep in the abyss, all meaning unravels, just let the

Reasons die, your bullets are worthless here, you're running

With the devil, just let reason disappear.


The blood of angels is always sweeter, pearls of wisdom

Are all stolen, stars and crimson rivers,

Medication, bitter overdoses, dying never really hurts when you


Won't live to remember the pain, just let go of my

Wrist, you're touching the bruises; they will fade with time and you

Fade right now.



The End

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