Your eyes are burnt-out stars, I can see no reflection, empty as

Antidepressant affection, blister-packed and mass-produced, please don't let

These shards of people die, drown in your silent screams, just lock them up;

The key snaps over dry white tongues broken in verbal defile of when we gave a damn.


These temples, we destroyed them, pain is life and death is closure, I want rivulets of

Pain to shatter these lightning-rod bones and pull everything down around us,

Don't act like you don't enjoy it, blood is money, time is money,

Gods are money, we're all that's real but you are fading.


Bloodless lips, scarring in this parasitic demise, so help you gods we've torn apart,

Does your heart harden into broken glass when ghosts suck out your soul?

I hope this pain never goes away, the scab on my hand is a thread, a nerve, a chain,

Don't tear the link, I'm free, cry out for me, the silence is stained with splashes of

Pain, it's all good,

Don't hate me, 'cause I've got the gun,

No spent rounds here, welcome to you worst nightmares of

Nerve endings, nails and pins, this is




The End

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