Hour 7: Dr. Frankenstein and Mrs. Hyde

Let me tell you the story of the things that I did

To silence one of the dual voices in my head

Let me confess to you the sins which I so lately hid

Unearth my past mistakes and return them from the dead


Once I was haunted, ever hunted by my darkest side

My mathematics grew erratic, my sciences fell mad

Broken, I was taken and found release within my Hyde

We began work on an abomination, a new vessel for our dyad


Parts and pieces, bits and bones, a heart torn from its cage

We pillaged and we plundered all, foul deeds and filthy means

A golem of our base desires, born bleeding from our rage

Inherited of our insidious genes, gestated in our infernal machines


We worked with fevered frenzy moulding ichors, adipose, guck

Daydream sewn to nightmare sewn to fantasy

Boredom sewn to suffering sewn to ecstasy

Everything we had we spent by the time the lightning struck


The last patchwork piece affixed in its place

The flesh for its features cut from my own face

My secret sickness now made manifest for all the world to see

I created a monster, and the monster is me

The End

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