Hour 4: Untitled

Are you hungry, little lady?

Well tonight you dine on dust

Don’t you wish to eat it?

Well you must, my dear, you must


Don’t try to wash it down with tears

The salt stings all the more


He pointed with a finger at the crooked mantle clock

The pendulum ceased swinging

The cogs succumbed to rust

He pointed with a finger and the hands they pointed back


Are you tired now, dear woman?

Tonight you’ll sleep in dirt

If it alleviates your fears

I can promise you won’t hurt


Are you famished, little man?

Well tonight you dine on ash

There’s no use being fussy

Come now, don’t be rash


Don’t try to trade another’s place

If they go, you still go too


He turned and made a gesture toward the setting sun

The light was fading quickly

There came the faintest plash

He turned and made a gesture and his footprints filled with blood


Are you exhausted now, dear sir?

Tonight you’ll sleep in flame

If it helps you go in peace and grace

Just know you all end up the same


Pale and dark he was at once

Slight, but looming too

They had never seen his face

Yet knew him when he came

He beckoned and they dragged their feet

But followed all the same 

The End

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