On Your Marks

Today is the day the 2016 24 Hour Poetry Marathon begins!

For those not familiar with the event, the aim of the game is to write at least one poem per hour, for 24 consecutive hours (no writing ahead)! This will be my second time participating, having first heard of and putting my hand to it last year. You can read the products of my effort here on Protagonize: http://www.protagonize.com/poem/2015-poetry-marathon-24-poems-in-24-hours

As you can see, I will be sharing my progress here again this year, so stay tuned!

You can also follow my, and the other marathoner's, progress on the official event blog: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/

And/Or follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeeSie.Momo

The End

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