2016 in Review

Well, too bad I can't make a song and dance of it :) Please note this is just a funny take on the year

It’s finally over for 2016
and it’s been quite a year
More than terrorism I think
it’s the new president that we fear

North Korea launched a rocket
and it even made it to outer space
It violated so many treaties we have
and since continued at rapid pace

Kanye took out this video
it featured famously many nudes
reaction to this was so swift
cause face it we're a bunch of prudes

Olympics were held in Brazil
But some athletes took it too far
They ransacked a local business out there
and gave the attendant many a scar

India made a change overnight
and stopped circulating a few bills
To exchange people now stand in line
just because they have much time to kill

War yet continued in Syria
and unborn fetuses attacked
The election sure made great news
but suspicions that they been hacked

So there you have it folks
2016 will soon hit the dust
More than word of mouth these days
it fake news that we simply trust!

The End

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