I made it!

I would have posted this as soon as I'd crossed the finish line, but after twenty-four straight hours of poetry... well, you can imagine. Now that I'm rested, I've returned to leave this note.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading through my miles as much as I enjoyed travelling them. I thoroughly expected to produce a lot more 'filler' poetry; incarnated as haiku, limerick, or other short, simple forms. I surprised myself by surpassing my own expectations. 

Many of these poems are the product of ideas and notes I've been ferreting away for months if not longer. I honestly believe that if it were not for the marathon, they would still be nothing more than notes scribbled haphazardly across a journal page. The sheer inspiration and productivity this challenge can manifest in a person is not only a curiosity for further study and a valuable piece of intelligence to keep in mind; it is also the true reward for the dogged determination to achieve a goal and the willingness to step outside one's comfort zone to test the limits.

The confidence this achievement has instilled in me - as a writer and as a person who can commit to a goal - is priceless.

I hope to participate every year hence, and I fully recommend signing up!

Update: I have revisited each of these poems and added a little information, such as; form, rhyme scheme, subject and inspiration, etcetera. I have corrected all the typos I could find and classified my work to the best of my knowledge, but if you find a mistake anywhere, please let me know. 

Thanks for reading!

The End

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