Hour 24: Elope


Kiss me now

And kiss me quick

Before my father sees

I love you dearly

But he clearly



Speak your love

And speak it fast

Before your mother hears

I have guessed

I manifest

Her fears


Say ‘I do’

And say it soon

Before they find us missing

We’ll be maligned

If they should find

Us kissing


About this poem:

Determined as I was not to follow the expected suit of ending on a haiku, I drew up this darling little diddy instead. It's still short and sweet and simple and it took me only a few minutes (if that) to complete, but it's not a haiku, by Glob! Not that a good haiku is any easier than any other good work. Bad ones are.
Though I feel I may not have ended on as strong a note as I began, it still feels like a badge of honour simply to have not given in to the temptation to pass on technicality at the last minute. 

Form/Style: Simple Rhyme
Rhythm/Metre: Iambic dimeter, has a jolting rhythm as each stanza ends abruptly.
Rhyme/Scheme: Follows a pattern where each third and sixth line rhyme, as do each fourth and fifth: ABCDDC EFGHHG IJKLLK. 
Themes and Tone:
It's about forbidden love with a light-hearted tone. A couple affirm their devotion to one another in the face of their families' disapproval.

The End

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