Hour 21: A Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand

If I were to draw you a line in the sand

where would the stakes lie and where would you stand?

Would you walk with your people in the light of the sun

or hide until nightfall, take cover, and run?


Would you blanch at the sight of the blood on your hand

if you were forced to face the things you have done?

Did you think your selfish pleasures would harm none

while you soiled the water and poisoned the land?


Did you not flinch when they gave you their brand?

Is this truly the life you had planned?

Do you think the lives lost are fair price for your fun?

Would it be different if it were your mother, your sister, your son?


The time has come when we must make our stand

We are many ones but of many you are merely one

Burn the banner of the tyrannical few, their slogan shun

Walk tall, walk proud, across the line in the sand


About this poem:

This was the quatrain I had wanted to write when I set out to write a quatrain. I had the concept and some phrasing at the ready, but for some reason I just couldn't fill the gaps. Ancient Lore barged on ahead. But after a bit of a rest, some free time to think about it, and the creative burst from the acrostic, it fell into place with just three legs left in the marathon.

Form/Style: Quatrain
Rhythm/Metre: Anapestic pentameter
Themes and Tone:
More insurgency. Rebellion, revolution, protest, boycott, reform, anti-corporatism, anti-capitalism, conservation. At its heart, it is about how the unchecked greed and ignorance of one group of people can wreak terrible damage on humanity and nature on a massive scale. It's about the sickening measures taken to feed the gross gluttony currently plaguing the 'developed' world and the effects, both long- and short-term, that they have on our selves and our environment.
Is a chocolate bar, a cup of coffee, and a cotton shirt really worth the repercussions?

The End

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