Hour 20: Anatomical Freestyle

Anatomical Freestyle

Echo forth, the staccato notes of

Xylophone strikes in frantic

Time, pinging off the

Eardrum’s taut skin and

Merging with the pounding of the

Pulse that beats somehow

Off-tempo with the

Rumba rhythm of the

Aortic bagpipes, that

Never-ceasing song of

Ever-decreasing length, with

Osseous rattling like castanets

Under the frantic xylophone strikes

Staccato notes which echo forth 


About this poem:

I had a lot of fun with this one. And I really surprised myself, too. I completed it quickly; the ideas flowed together with ease, the images just sprang out in succession. A true stroke of inspiration, this one was an on-the-spot composition. No notes, no planning. I chose a word and accidentally invoked its essence. A little rest can do wonders.

Form/Style: Acrostic [spells the word 'extemporaneous'], Spoken Word
Rhythm/Metre: Free, Lyrical
Rhyme/Scheme: None; some assonance, consonance, and alliteration.
Themes and Tone:
Merging the images of biology and music, it evokes a sense of dancing and draws parallels between the physical and metaphysical aspects of being human. It feels alive and energetic. A celebration of art and form, whether natural or man-made. A spurring into spur-of-the-moment creation or expression.

The End

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