Hour 17: A Thorn May Have Its Rose

A Thorn May Have Its Rose

Might a beast not have its beauty?

The phantom his diva?

Nor the hunchback his gypsy?

Might a thorn not have its rose?


About this poem:

This is just a little musing pertaining to a subject I could talk to you about at great length. Indeed, you will most likely see this expanded on someday, in prose, verse, and essay, all. As for this piece on its own, I could find no real method or reason to lengthen it. It says all it set out to say, I think.

Form/Style: Short Form, Free Verse, Philosophical
Rhythm/Metre: Free
Rhyme/Scheme: None
Themes and Tone:
On the surface, it draws together a few ideas and images from famous tellings of the Beauty and the Beast tale, a tale near and dear to me. Underneath, it poses a possibly rhetorical question: If every rose has its thorn, might not every thorn have its rose?

The End

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