Hour 16: Ancient Lore

Ancient Lore

Ongoing still, the oration of an ancient story

Aging ever faster, ever growing gaunt and hoary

A tale so old and often told

Of gold for blood and blood for gold


Recited countless times before the jury

How warm the blood, the gold how cold

Ever echoing from glen to wold

This immortal, devouring story


Rose-tinted tales of valour and glory

The truth behind more dark and gory

Fear and loathing for the old

Death and murder for the bold


And yet a useful allegory

For those earnest and intrepid-souled

Those seeking to reform the mould

And ink another, kinder story


About this poem:

I had been meaning to try out a quatrain for some time, ever since discovering the sonnet. The marathon was, as mentioned before, as good a time and reason as any. The only note I had for this one was the phrase 'gold for blood and blood for gold' scrawled between some other gibberish.
My mother says this one could be set to a sea chanty. Anyone have an accordion?

Form/Style: Quatrain
Rhythm/Metre: Loose iambic tetrameter
Themes and Tone:
While I suppose Fraternity (the previous poem) fits into my overall genre, this one says enough with the touchy-feely and takes the tone back to the visceral level. It truly is an ancient story; war and greed. I try here to express how weary I am of it, having heard that same old story over and over and over and over and over and over.... [Fade Out]

The End

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