Hour 15: Fraternity


If you were to stumble,

Brother, I would steady you


If you were to tire,

Brother, I would carry you


Brother, if you need me,

then you have me

Brother, if you miss me,

then you’ll find me


If you were to suffer,

Brother, I would ease you


If you were to promise,

Brother, I’d believe you


Brother, if you ask me,

you will hear me

Brother, if you call me,

you will see me


Brother, if you were to perish,

Brother, I would join you.


About this poem:

Well, I never had any sisters. I'm the youngest of three with two older brothers. In part, this poem captures a too-oft unspoken element of my own, literal fraternal love. It does work on a wider scale, and is intended to, however. 'Brother' can be any other bond-mate, male or female.

Form/Style: Free Verse
Rhythm/Metre: Trochaic trimeter
Rhyme/Scheme: None, some rhyming due to repetition.
Themes and Tone:
Peace, love, and happiness, baby. Freedom, beauty, truth and love. Love, love, love - love is all you need.
He ain't heavy...

The End

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