Hour 14: Coppelia


Wind up my key and watch me dance

in torpid trance

in manacle



Pull on my strings and make me leap

in waking sleep

in bondage held

by hand propelled


I pray Drosselmeyer’s pity

painted pretty

naught but a doll

plaything to all


About this poem:

My first ever minute poem and I love it. I'm not saying it's a masterpiece or unique in any significant way, but for my own purposes it's a resounding success. It is evocative, it flows just the way I had wanted it to, and incorporates several references.

Form/Style: Minute
Rhythm/Metre: Interpretive
Rhyme/Scheme: Syllable scheme of 8-4-4-4 (60 total), rhyme scheme of AABB CCDD EEFF
Themes and Tone:
The tone is dreamy and sad; submissive but pleading. 
The theme is one that is dear to my heart and will surely be seen in plenty of my future work. Indeed, I am currently outlining a project concerning these ideas - it is that which gave me the inspiration for this poem. Whether Galatea, Coppelia, the Nutcracker, Pinnochio, the Tin Woodman, the Steadfast Tin Soldier or otherwise, I delight in tales of the toys who are not quite people, and people who are not quite toys. I find them heavy with metaphor and allegory, particularly posing questions such as What is humanity? and What is freedom?

The End

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