Hour 12: The Courtesan

The Courtesan

Pouring out the wine

She does not speak, she’s silent

She does not love him

He thinks of her so fondly

Yet he will not marry her


About this poem:

This is another first. If nothing else, the marathon was a grand opportunity to experiment with form and structure. I had had this form on my list of try-its for awhile, so it seemed an appropriate time to take a shot at it.

Form/Style: Tanka
Rhythm/Metre: None
Rhyme/Scheme: Syllabic scheme of 5-7-5-7-7
Themes and Tone:
It was actually inspired by a fan fiction story, to an extent. The theme in general is not uncommon. It explores, in its few words, the complexities of the relationship between a prostitute and one of her regular clients; the way each party views the arrangement, the way they each behave in contradiction to their feelings.


The End

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