Hour 11: The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

A lady fair

With streaming hair

Went strolling by the ponds

She liked the way

The wind would play

A tune among the fronds

She heard a sound

And turned around

And looked upon a frog

He wore a crown

Of eider down

And sat upon a log

‘O! Lady do you see me?

Maybe you can free me

Allow me to evince:

A fell magician

Caused this transition

I truly am a prince!

But it may be

You hold the key

All I need is this:

Listen well

To break the spell

You must give me a kiss

Just take ahold

My form enfold

You’re much too high to climb

Now purse your lip

And let ‘er rip!

I’m sorry for the slime.’

The lady fair

With streaming hair

Felt sorry for the toad

She grabbed the mooch

And gave a smooch

And then the scoundrel crowed,

‘It was all lies!

I do eat flies

And live beside a bog

I am no royal

But you’d recoil

From a lowly little frog.’

The lady seized him

Roughly squeezed him

Spake she, ‘We shall see

With kiss of whips

Instead of lips

If noble you can be!’

But ‘twas no matter

All the batter

Though she pinched and kicked

She did slap him

Soundly rap him

‘Til the toad was licked

In the end

Our slippery friend

Was lucky he survived

But there are things

Like sons of kings

That cannot be contrived 


About this poem:

This one truly came out of nowhere. When the starting bell sounded, a flight of fancy took me and this came pouring out of my pen. It's simple and not to be taken too seriously, but I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Form/Style: Narrative, Lay
Rhythm/Metre: Iambic dimeter
Rhyme/Scheme: A repeating pattern of simple rhyme where every first and second line rhyme with each other and every third and sixth line rhymes: AAB CCB DDE FFE, etc.
Themes and Tone:
Just a sweet tale about a beautiful woman abusing a lecherous amphibian. 

The End

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