Hour 10: Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang


Dark, Black

Destroying, Reaping, Chaos

Moon, Water, Death, Life, Fire, Sun

Creating, Sowing, Order

Light, White



About this poem:

This was an on-the-spot poem in most ways. I have never done a diamante before this and wanted to try out the form. I had no notes but for the words 'the yin' and 'the yang'. It was originally my intention to write a complementary pair. I may yet do that.

Form/Style: Diamante
Rhythm/Metre: Free
Rhyme/Scheme: None
Themes and Tone:
If you are unfamiliar with it, Yin and Yang is the idea in Chinese philosophy that apparently contrary forces in the universe are actually complementary. Opposites are not only interconnected, but interdependent. It even embodies its own philosophy, being a marriage of duality and unity in and of itself. It is commonly symbolized by the iconic circle; half black, half white, with a spot of the opposite colour contained in each side. 
This is a philosophy that has always spoken to me. It felt like the perfect fit for the diamante form.

The End

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