Hour 9: Seduction of Spring

Seduction of Spring

The sun, so low of late

Now rising higher

Wakes the maiden wood nymph

Naked, as though born anew

Bathing her in golden warmth

The gentle kiss of rain

Coaxes out her blushing buds

Anoints them each with dew

Cradled in her supple boughs

Caressed by softest breath

Ecstatically burst forth in flower

Soon her seed to strew


About this poem:

As mentioned in the notes for Hour 2's poem, Ablution of Autumn, this is the third in a series of four sister poems based on the four seasons. The first, Summation of Summer was not written during the marathon, so it it listed separately.

Form/Style: Free Verse
Rhythm/Metre: Free
Rhyme/Scheme: Every fourth line shares a rhyme, nothing else.
Themes and Tone:
The obvious theme is the season of spring, but there is an overtly sexual nature to it. Hence the title. The metaphors and visuals of renewal and reproduction are very commonly attributed to spring. This poem carries on that tradition, evoking the cycles of birth, sex, and motherhood.

The End

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