Hour 8: Bend


They call us witches

So let’s set ourselves ablaze

If they turn away

We’ll just watch each other burn


They say we’re useless

So let’s make ourselves lame

If they watch us crawl

On our neighbours we will turn


They say we have no morals

So let’s behave in sinful ways

If they think they know us

Then we’ll lend truth to their lies


They call us cowards

So let’s point away the blame

If they point right back

We’ll elect ourselves their spies


What they tell us

We’ll make true


What they give us

We’ll make do


Whatsoever they might make us

We will make each other, too


About this poem:

This was another one I'd had notes on for quite some time. The idea was there and the opening verse, but pretty much all the other words changed. Those last three couplets were the touch of the muse.

Form/Style: Unknown; if you can classify this, let me know
Rhythm/Metre: Interpretive  
Rhyme/Scheme: A slightly complex rhyme pattern; where the second line of the first and third stanzas rhyme, the last line of the first and second, the second line of the second and fourth, and the last line of the third and fourth; the three couplets at the end share a rhyme. So it looks like this: ABCD EFGD HBIJ KFLJ MM MM MM
Themes and Tone:
If you're beginning to notice a prevailing theme in my writing, you may have identified that theme as rebellion and revolution. If there's a prevailing emotion, you may think it's anger, derision or indignation. You're probably right on all counts. There's a verse from the song They by Jem which always sticks with me:

"And it's ironic too
'Cause what we tend to do
Is act on what they say
And then it is that way"

Of course, the whole song fits this poem quite well.

The End

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