Hour 4: Us


If you and I and them and me;

and that and this and those and these;

and they and it and he and she;

and ye and thee were naught but ‘We’

Not one or two or even three,

Might not our purpose stronger be?


About this poem:

This was another personal prompt, so to speak. I had this formless idea in my head, sure of what I wanted to say, but unsure of how I could best present it. I basically had a corner of a notebook page with a glob of pronouns dribbled over it.

Form/Style: Short
Rhythm/Metre: Iambic tetrameter
Rhyme/Scheme: Monorhyme with some internal rhyming
Themes and Tone:
It is intended to be light-hearted yet thought-worthy. It is a condemnation of egocentric, selfish, xenophobic, and otherwise partisan thinking. It espouses peace and unity as a goal and invokes the idea that there is strength in numbers. 

The End

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