Hour 2: Ablution of Autumn

Ablution of Autumn

The sky, a single cloud unsundered

casts desire over leafy crowns

which grace the head of Mother’s matrons

and gild the brows of Gaea’s patrons

A longing to undress


Their summer clothes so lately lush

grow itchy ‘gainst their knotty skins

To alleviate the inflammation

a wondrous curse of transformation

leaves modesty forgot


The ornaments once cherished so

first grow jaundiced, then

burning with a fever fall

shedding ‘til they’re naked all

No longer vain and proud


The metamorphosis complete

they feel the bite of frigid air

huddling together bare

and balling fists of woody digits at

The sky, a single cloud unsundered


About this poem:

My second poem of the night, this one took me only a little longer to complete than the first. Unlike Bitter Endings which I'd had notes for, this one was pretty much started from scratch. I had only the imagery I wanted to convey in my mind. If you have read my (non-marathon) poem Summation of Summer, you may recall my mentioning that it was intended to be one of four themed poems to accompany four drawings. This is the second poem in that series. The third, Seduction of Spring, was also completed during the marathon and can be found in this collection.

Form/Style: Free
Rhythm/Metre: Free
Rhyme/Scheme: Structured; there's a pattern of ABCCD EFGGH IJKKL where the last stanza reverses the line order to MNNOA as contrast for the first stanza, further emphasized by repeating the first line of the first stanza in the final line of the final stanza.
Themes and Tone:
The theme, if it is neither apparent in the text or the title, is the season of autumn. There are also allusions to the mythology of nature spirits and faerie folk, in particular dryads, nymphs and even Tolkien's ents. It employs the anthropomorphism of trees and Earth itself to evoke the visuals and transitory state of a temperate, deciduous autumn. It has a somewhat reverent and solemn tone. 

The End

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