Hour 1: Bitter Endings

Bitter Endings

Too bright the light

For these old eyes

They see only darkness now

Turn down the sun

Let light be damned

Let dawn await my dusk


Too fast the world

For these old bones

They seek only comfort now

Turn off the gears

Let progress pause

Hold tomorrow ‘til my day is done


Too cold the wind

For this old skin

Worn thin as paper now

Turn up the heat

Let oceans rise

Someone else will pay my bill


Too strange the times

For this old mind

It cannot comprehend

Turn back the clock

Undo the lies

The truest way is mine


Turn down, turn off

Turn up, turn back

What harm?

I’ll be gone soon


Too bright, too fast

Too cold, too strange

Though it may be

Too late for you


About this poem:

This was my first surprise of the night. It is one of the ideas that I had written notes on already, but it had remained stagnant for some time as I was unsure of how I wanted to structure it. So I surprised myself when, after the starting shot was fired, I turned straight over to this idea's page, put pen to paper and started writing without hesitation. The hand of the Muse was truly guiding me; it took me less than twenty minutes to complete, revise, and submit. I couldn't help but feel I had made a strong start to the challenge ahead, and it gave me a measure of confidence that I am certain contributed to my performance throughout the marathon.

Form/Style: Free
Metre: Iambic dimeter, with deviations
Rhyme/Scheme: None, except for the last two stanzas which make use of repetition.
Themes and Tone:
The implied tone of this piece is cynical. It may not be immediately apparent, however the final two stanzas signify that you are not meant to feel sympathy for the narrator. Read it with this quote in mind: 

“I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” ― George S. McGovern 

Then you may see the underlying feelings of exasperation and disdain for the collective who embody the narrator. It is not a commentary on the elderly in general, only those with disregard for the welfare of the generations who follow. It is thematic of imminent and urgent socio-political, humanist/futurist, and environmental issues.


The End

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