2015 Poetry Marathon: 24 Poems in 24 Hours

The 2015 Poetry Marathon has ended!

Update: The 2015 Poetry Marathon is over and I am happy to report that I successfully completed it! Please read the Afterword for additional thoughts and notes.
I have completed the process of revisiting the work I produced during the marathon, and have posted a little insight in the footnotes on each page.


Original post:

Today (Saturday, June 13th) is the day the Poetry Marathon 2015 begins!

For those of you unfamiliar with the event (I was, until two days before registration ended), a bunch of writers with no regard for their own health or mental well-being pledge to write one poem every hour for a period of 24 consecutive hours. It began today at 2pm (UK) and will continue through the night until 2pm tomorrow.

I will be sharing with you the poems I write each hour. 

This is my first year participating, so wish me luck!

The End

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