Imagery Poems

Definition of Imagery Poems


Imagery Poems draw the reader into poetic experiences by touching on the images and 
senses which the reader already knows. The use of images in this type of poetry serves to intensify the impact of the work.


Imagery poems can take different forms - Free Verse, Quatrains, Couplets, rhymed, unrhymed or whatever. The point is to make the reader see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear, taste what you taste, etc. using imagery.



Driving rain pierces my skin like needles
Etching a painful tattoo upon my face
Forcing my steps against the wind
Which strains to keep me in my place
Head down and hunkered over
I make my way with doubled force 
I stand and look up at your window
Calling your name until I'm hoarse
You pull up the window in its sash
You gaze down upon me with surprise
I say nothing more in your presence
I am lost forever in your eyes
For just an instant you are there
You turn around, then you are gone
I hang my head in utter sorrow
Spurned, I make my way across the lawn
I have not yet gotten to your gate
When you spin me 'round by the arm
You cover us both with a blanket
To protect ourselves from all harm
You pull me to the shelter of a gazebo
Where you hold me tight in a kiss
I never thought the world could offer
Such hope, intensity and bliss
The storm shows signs of passing
While I stand shivering in your embrace
You watch it drip and drizzle to a halt
While I gaze lovingly at your face
A rainbow forms above us
In a glorious multicoloured frown
That proves God keeps his promise
Not to let our planet drown
We make our way back to the house
Sloshing wetly, hand in hand
Looking up at the shining rainbow
Which shimmers colour down on the land


The End

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