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Hello Poets!

This is the fourth challenge of the 2012 Summer Poetry Tournament!

For this fourth round, your challenge is to write a Tritina, a shorter version of the sestina.   (

The rules of this form are as follows:
-  Three stanzas of three lines each, ending with a single final line.
-  Rhyming is optional.
-  The last word of each line forms a pattern: A B C / C A B / B C A / ABC, where each last word is repeated in the next stanza, in the corresponding order.
- The last line must contain the three words used in the stanzas in the order ABC, but they don't have to all be at the end of the line, or in direct succession.

There is only one additional challenge in this round, relating to theme. Your tritina must concern the changing of seasons, metaphorically or in a literal sense.

Off with you now, write write write!


All poems are due by 8:00PM PST, August 13th.
Judge critiques will be in by 8:00 PST, August 17th.

You'll need to post your own pages after the current last page.
Please title them as [Poet Name] - [Poem Title]

The End

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