Title: Bottled Up
Sin: Wrath

As far back as I can remember, you were drinking
Like the Bible says, take a little wine for your colic;
And you were always too drunk to notice I was shrinking.

The bottles piling up, your rotten breath stinking
You called yourself an 'alco-frolic'
A stupid term coined by a woman made stupid with drinking.

When I was 8 or 9, I remember thinking
'Is she trying to hurt me, or just an alcoholic?'
You drank enough to float your own boat--I was shrinking.

When I was 14, the phone rang--I answered, heart sinking, 
As our little country lane, so bucolic,
Echoed with shouts at your half-grown child, over your drinking.

That New Year's Eve you came home late, slinking
Did you see yourself as diabolic,
Leaving me without food, without you, my faith in you shrinking?

And suddenly I was stood beside you, quicker than blinking
I swung the empty bottle, rage rising in my throat like cholic,
I guess I've finally had enough of your drinking--
And this time, Mummy's little violet's not shrinking.

The End

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