Event: Blizzard

Title: The Nine Wolves of Winter


"The nine wolves of winter are roaming abroad,"

Is what my mother said.

"They've frostbiting teeth; they're icicle-clawed;

The snow is the fur they shed."


But I shut out the mass of dark clouds overhead

And challenge the violent air,

Because Sarah, my daughter, is not in her bed:

She's out in the storm somewhere.


I've only my eyes---we've no lantern to spare.

The ice-laden trees disappear.

Into savage white shadows and cruel darkness I stare

And blink back an unfrozen tear.


"I'm your knight in bright armor. I'll always be here

To rescue you, princess, my light."

And the words sear my heart as I stumble and veer

With almost no strength left to fight.


The nine wolves of winter are running tonight.

With sharp, icy paws they tread

Up over the form of a dark, snow-clad knight,

Not yet---but soon to be---dead.

The End

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