Title: Cathedral of Glass
Event: avalanche 

My snaps of breath rise, white and crisp
Like moth's wings. Hush.
Murmurs of thawing atmosphere, falling in wisps.
Frigid bliss and snow's blue blush.

Hoary splinters. A sensuous crush.
Skis. Poles. Tossed.
A feathered weight. Brittle shards flush
Me down. Lost.

Cathedral glass. A ceiling spidered with frost.
I squint in sudden light:
The sun seeping through an icy sieve, crossed
with bubbled veins, yet bright.

My dazzled eyes are fixed, snow-bound, to the sight.
Ice gone gold.
My disquiet cools in sheets. I breathe to the height
of my glass ceiling's hold.

A glacial joy swaddles me in cold.
Hush, hush.
Cool, heartening air stiffens my soul.

The End

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