Title: Built in the Shadow and Ashes
Event: Volcano Eruption

You see the elder Mountain; It’s smoking, child,
But you do not know;
Though now the summit will be stately and mild,
It wasn’t always so.

The skies that spun around the Mountain’s mouth, so
Red with a molten spray.
My family, awed, watched the smoke tendrils; though,
I wasn’t home that day.

From a neighboring town, I’d watched the display –
The Mountain’s morbid show;
I’d seen from above, through the starry array,
As Hell was loosed below.

 Through that night I’d dreamt I’d been conversing with a crow,
While my fine city died.
‘Cross fevered dreams and distant screams; I could see below.
I woke and then I cried. 

I was a child then, like you, small, afraid, wide-eyed
But, my child, don’t you know,
The memory’s here; I see where my city died.
It goes where’er I go


The End

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