Title: Tale of a Tail

Animal: Lizard

Note: I typed this in Word so the lines wrapped funny :( Sorry!

A sunny day, just like this one. By a sunny brook. Just, yes, just like this one,
I was warming the garnets on my supple little chest. Out - out there - at the river run.

Minding my ownself, sunning on the rock shelf - stretching and drawing out lean -
When I stiffed up. I stiffed up, sprung up, cuz I'd seen a shadow spring!

A shadow all of sprouts of feathers, fat sprigs of claws, and - boy! - those crazy eyes!
I skittered aside, drove my head in the hot river tide, and... Ha! What a surprise!

My nethers tore away in the great bird's tethers! He squawked and scrabbled a heap!
While I, though tailless, snickered at the brainless, all the hawk did was weep.


The End

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