Challenge 1

Challenge 1
Difficulty: Very Easy
Form: Couplets 

Write a poem from an animal's eyes. You are the animal. So you can totally get creative with it. Show us what the animal sees, what it hears, what it smells, etc.

Make sure to establish a setting that makes since. If you're a puppy, you shouldn't be flying in the sky. Also, try not to be too blunt about it; If you're a cat, don't say "I'm a cat."

I'll be assigning you your animal. So this means you DON'T get to pick your own animal! And don't try to twist it around. If I give you "cat", that means cat. Not lion, not tiger, not cheetah, cat.
This challenge is going to be as fair as I can possibly make it. Meaning, I'm not going to give one of you a dog, and another one a rare species of arctic amphibian. I'm sure you'll be familiar with the animal you're assigned. :P

The poem should be written in 4 couplets. A couplet is a stanza of two lines, and yours are going to rhyme. So your poem should be 8 lines long, like so:





Animal Assignments:
SpookofNight- Spider
Watermark- fox
Archi_Teuthis- Lizard 
Gabriel- Dog
Pocket- Dolphin
Gnashville- Horse
DarkLiquid- Ant
Lyre- Octopus
Phantasm.Phoenix- rabbit
Lexiehar- Frog
G2laPianstaIrlandesa- Penguin
Juliia- Panda
ElzuWolfe- Butterfly
Alessandra_Emory- Wolf
FogCat- Lion
Tianna- Cat
TheRosesBloom- Whale
Maggie4ever- Monkey
RainDance- Pig
Meliverde- Bear
Lee- Bat
Nyxrhymer- Mouse
Lyrwriter- Squirrel 
RouxEdwards- Cheetah
LaineySummers- Eagle
LaQuishaHall- Shark
AmandaQuirky- Bumble Bee
Pes- Snake
Nosirrah- Owl
Bartimaeus- Fly
** Please try your hardest, even if you don't like your animal. That's why this is called a challenge.

You'll need to post your entries here by MIDNIGHT of January 7th.

Set up your post like this.. (the title of the post should be your protagonize handle [username])

Title of poem:

Easy enough! Lemme know if you have any questions. Good luck 




Title: Gold Dust

Animal: Firefly


I hide all day and roam at dusk,
riding the air, like glistening dust.

I feel the crisp air and watch the sky blush,
then hear a twig snap and someone yell "Hush!"

I try to escape, but don't make it far
before you've trapped me in a mason jar.

But only 'till morning, so you can see
my shine extinguish, and set me free. 

The End

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