2011 Winter Poetry Tournament

Howdy, poets!

This is where you'll be posting your entries for the tournament.  No, it doesn't matter in what order, so just post it whenever you're ready. (Just make sure it's BEFORE the deadline.)

Your posts should be set up exactly like this:

** the title of the post should be your protagonize handle (username)  JUST the username

Title of poem:

(Any information I ask you to include:)



Easy enough. Now, there are rules:
- If you are caught editing your poem after you've submitted it, ESPECIALLY after judging has began, you'll be disqualified.  No exceptions.
- Make SURE the title of your post is your protagonize handle.  If not, the judges won't be able to find your work as easily.
- I ask that you not comment on the other poets' work until judging for that round has ENDED.  If you have something to say to them, just chat about it in the tournament group. :)
- Don't ask about making this ratable, because I won't do it.  All that will do is cause unnecessary  problems that shouldn't even happen.  If you want your entries rated, just post them somewhere else after the round is over. :)
- These challenges should be completed independently. If I see a post anywhere on the site saying "Help me with this challenge!" you'll be disqualified.
- If you have any questions about the challenge, ask me before you post your poem! I'm happy to answer any questions, and I'd hate for you to be eliminated just because you didn't understand a challenge.

Well, that's about it, I suppose.  Good luck to everyone!



The End

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